• Solutions

    Internet Control Solutions

    • BrowseControl: Control Internet Surfing and Block Users Launching Unauthorised Applications. Completely block Internet access, or restrict access to specific times of the day or only to allowed web site
    • BrowseReporter: Track Internet Usage. Report and Analyse your users internet activity by viewing access logs by user or PC.

    Classroom Management

    • Netop Vision: PC Based Teaching software for use in PC Labs and Training Rooms. Project instructor's screen to one or more student PCs
    • Netop School: Comprehensive Classroom Management Solution. Broadcast screen to student. Send assignments and tests to student PCs.

    Cloning and Deployment

    • Altiris Client Management Suite: Helps deploy, maintain and inventory your Client PCs, Laptops and Handhelds. The suite includes a bundle of Altiris tools including, Deployment Solution, Inventory Solution, Patch Management Solution, pcAnywhere, Software Management Solution and Real Time Systems Manager.
    • Altiris Deployment Solution: This powerful PC or Server Management Solution Clones PCs, deploys software, configures, backs-up and restores PCs.

    Inventory and Helpdesk

    • Altiris ServiceDesk: Web Based Helpdesk Incident Tracking. ServiceDesk is designed to make it simple to record and track a variety of incidents relating to any type of IT resource.

    Print Quota Management

    • Netop Print Limit Pro: Easy-to-use solution that keeps computer printing costs under control, providing centralized management for all network printers and users.
    • Equitrac Office: With Equitrac Office, you can leverage print management to automatically enforce rules, authenticate users, protect sensitive documents and reduce wasted paper and toner.
    • Equitrac Express: Using Equitrac Express, we help schools manage their print usage with software-based reporting for all printing and copying expenses.

    Remote Control

    • Netop RemoteControl: Perform complex remote maintenance and user support across Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, OS/2 with industry leading security features.
    • Netop OnDemand: Support users when they need it with secure Web-based remote control regardless of location, network, firewalls or what computer the user is logged into.
    • Symantec PcAnywhere: Remote control and Remote Access PCs. Reach your PC from anywhere with this industry leading remote control solution for faster held desk support and issue resolution.

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